Different key opinion leaders are already working with MetAlive® abutments featured by DESS. In the following a selection of different clinical cases and images is shown. If you are interested in knowing more about the MetAlive® bioadhesion surface or even if you want to be part of the new study and actively participate in it do not hesitate to contact us.
thumb dental1
MetAlive® treated healing abutment (in gold color) and ordinary healing abutment for purpose of comparison (control abutment). Both abutments are designed and produced by DESS.
thumb dental2
After removal of healing abutments a bleeding on the MetAlive® abutment side (right) is clearly seen. Almost no bleeding on the control side (left).
 thumb dental3
DESS MetAlive® abutment (in gold color and laser marked) and a control abutment without additional surface treatment (silver).
thumb dental4
A clear difference is observed between the MetAlive® abutment side and the control side. No bleeding at all on the control side. On the MetAlive® abutment side a wound appears along the surface of the gingiva which was in contact with the abutment and which proves that a real soft tissue bioadhesion exists.

SEM Images

The following SEM images of some healing abutments show clear tissue remnants on the abutment surface.
thumb dental5
thumb dental5
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